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We are beginning a new direction that stresses values for the planet that we hold as important to us and to you. As creators of all natural products for health and beauty we recognize that we must also be accountable for all facets that make up our product. We currently gather and re-use all of our shipping materials. Our gift packaging uses a renewable fiber source as well as providing traditional craft employment in underdeveloped countries. Tissue and fill for gift packaging is made from natural recycled paper. Our clear plastics ( cellophane type) are now made from cellulose. We still must use our PET bottles as the only way to protect and store fragile fragrances and natural oils. As we discover new and better methods of conducting our business with the least harm to the planet we will implement them and we encourage you to spread the values of re-use, recycle, and conserve. Mahalo! Alice Humbert

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Island Herbal
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We have developed Island Herbal personal body care, a line of products that are as near to the plant source as possible. With the minimal use of non-botanical ingredients, our products are as pure and simple as nature itself and are made with Hawaiian water, Hawaiian kukui nut oil, mango butter, aloe vera, Vitamin E, vegetable glycerin, and other natural ingredients. They are hand made in small batches without the use of chemical stabilizers, dyes, or petroleum derivatives.

The Hawaiian Spa product line is designed to cleanse and maintain the skin with the same care as the inner body. Only pure kukui nut oil from the Hawaiian kukui nut tree, 100% pure, 100% expressed here in Hawaii is used. Kukui is excellent for dry skin, psoriasis, eczema or any severe skin condition. This light natural oil is used today in all high quality skin preparations due to its ability to quickly penetrate the skin. All of the lotions and creams contain kukui nut oil.

The Island Therapy treatments are made from oils that are infused directly from herbs and flowers usually via a passive solar procedure. Living in an environment that has an adequate amount of sunlight for this method results in a powerful yet gentle extraction of the essential active ingredient of the plant. Most of the plants used are grown organically here on the island of Hawaii.

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